Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why the French aren't as fat as Americans

Found this today...researchers are supporting what I've been telling people for a while: Cleaning your plate will make you fat! Actually, the article says something more interesting than that: it says that the French rely on internal cues such as feeling hungry and feeling full, while Americans rely on external cues like whether the plate is empty, whether they have remaining beverage, and whether the TV show is over. Furthermore, they say there's a correlation in both populations between relying on external cues and being overweight:
"Furthermore, we have found that the heavier a person is -- French or American -- the more they rely on external cues to tell them to stop eating and the less they rely on whether they felt full."
What does this have to LYSBYG? Everything! Your stomach tells you when to eat, and it tells you when to stop eating. In order to lose weight, you first need to start heeding your stomach. Stop eating immediately when you feel full. The second step is to consistently eat a little bit less, and drink a little bit less at meals, and your stomach will adapt itself to a lower intake level if you're consistent about it.

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