Sunday, April 20, 2008

Range Voting Application

I'm happy to announce my new Range Voting Application, which allows you to set up your own range voting polls. After finding that Approval Voting didn't give my co-workers at the LA Times enough expressiveness, I started looking for a Range Voting system I could use for my weekly polls. When I didn't find a great Range Voting application, I decided to create my own. It's easy to use, both for voters, and for poll administrators. Try it out by voting in one of the example polls on the home page or jump right in by creating your own poll today! If you want to learn more about Range Voting, the folks over at have a fantastic site with lots of great information about Range Voting.


  1. This is even better than the one at

    But how do I check back on the progress of the election?

  2. I really need to add a link to the UI for that. You can replace "vote" in the URL with "show" to get to that page.

    For example, this:


    For your own polls, you also get an admin page for editing the poll, which gives you results as well.

  3. I've added a link at the end of the voting page to view results. It's just below the "vote" button, so hopefully people won't be encouraged to peek before voting!

    I still need to add end times to prevent voting after the poll ends, and "closed" polls so that you can't see results until after the poll ends.